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Welcome to Wireless Logic Nordic

Wireless Logic Nordic - formerly SimService is Europe's leading M2M & IoT provider. Over 4 million devices connected to our platforms globally and 20+ years of experience with M2M & IoT- Connectivity. We are ISO 27001 certified.

Wireless Logic Nordic webshop for business offers advanced SIM card solutions and services for control, regulation and monitoring of data between M2M and ioT devices, machines and devices. In addition to the SIM cards themselves, we also offer a specially designed online tool for managing your own SIM cards.

Everything is possible

Each M2M & IoT solution is unique and the possibilities are endless. In collaboration with your company, we develop and adapt a communication solution that meets your company's wishes and business needs. The collaboration ensures that your decision basis is based on the most optimal solution.

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Customize Your Own SIM Card Solution for Your IoT and M2M Devices

Customize the configurator below to your needs and send it to us. Then we will return with a good offer for you.

Network technology

(2G, 3G & 4G er standard).

Jeg ønsker Narrowband LTE


Number of MB/GB

Number of SMS

Static IP

Amount of SIM card

SIM card type

We Offer

Hos Wireless får du mere end blot et SIM-kort. Vi går langt for at sikre at dine enheder er på nettet og yde en god service generelt.

SIM cards

  • 2FF standard SIM cards
  • Embedded SIM
  • 3 i 1 SIM cards (standard, micro og nano)
  • SIM card with deactivated PIN and PUK


  • Data, SMS and CSD / voice
  • IPV6
  • Static IP (secured network)
  • Services and mobile data connectivity to the
    M2M and IOT business


  • One operator with access to more network
  • Network alert system

M2M & IoT Solutions

  • Tailor-made SIM card subscriptions that connect devices worldwide
  • Year and monthly subscriptions with or without static IP
  • Plug and play SIM card solutions for your M2M and IoT devices

Support & Advice

  • Great insight and many years of experience in
    the M2M & IoT business
  • SIM card and network support
  • Help to closed network setup

Connectivity Tools

  • SIM card connectivity management platforms
    (aktivering og spærring)
  • SIM card usage monitoring
  • APIs for integration with your system

Online tools for Connectivity & SIM card administration

With Wireless Logic you get not only SIM cards, but also an online platform with tools to manage and monitor the consumption of your devices on the premises.

Online SIM-kort administrationsværktøjer


The SIM card management tool SimOnline gives you and your company your own access to monitor consumption and regulation of all your devices. This can contribute to the optimization of resource consumption as well as the consequent reduction of administrative costs. The SimOnline platform also offers API access so you can control the SIM cards from your own system.

Online SIM-kort administrationsværktøjer


The SIM card management tool SIMpro is for you who need to monitor and control your IoT devices abroad and are interested in SIM cards with other operators. The SIMpro platform also offers API access so you can control the SIM cards from your own system.

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