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– Your M2M and IoT operator for SIM management and monitoring.

Welcome to the Wireless Logic Nordic A/S Business Webshop solutions for SIM management and monitoring.

We offer:

  • Plug & play SIM cards subscriptions to your M2M and IoT units
  • SIM card Management platform (activation and barre) from your user account
  • 3 in 1 SIM Cards (Standard, Mikro og Nano)
  • SIM cards with deactivated PIN and PUK codes - ready to use
  • Monitoring of your SIM card usage
  • CSD
  • IPV6
  • Static IP (secured network)

Iot and M2M

How to Order a SIM Card Subscriptions

The order process consists of four phases. Hover the icons for more information about the order process. Learn more about the order process

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Featured SIM Card Subscriptions

Here is some featured SIM card subscriptions. Contact us if you need a customized SIM card Subscription solution that is suitable for your M2M unit.

Wireless Logic Partner Sites

If you have a IoT unit from the companies below, then its possible to find af SIM card subscription that fits to your unit.
Please click on one of the logos to go to the partner page.

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